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Gas Grill
The radiant ceramic fiber tube is a system of heat transfer by infrared radiation.
A new range of gas barbecue combining design, robustness, functionality and technological prowess. Burners always make a healthy and tasty cooking, because without flame or smoke. better performance in terms of temperature and homogeneity of heat on the cooking.
Ceramics with the advantage of being refractory therefore indestructible.
  • - The surface temperature and radiant heat are increased.
  • - The rise in temperature of the burner is extremely fast.
  • - 95% Of the energy emitted is available in 5 minutes.

The attractive features of such a burner - heat emitters are:
  • - No moving parts: silent operation, no wear.
  • - No air movement, no dust.
  • - High radiative efficiency: energy saving.
  • - Fast heating: immediate effectiveness.
  • - Clean burning.
  • - Electric consumption reduced.