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SPIT ROAST and its vertical cooking, is what you need for a HEALTHY DIET
It minimizes smoke Neither soot nor cancer-causing tar will cover the food as it is never in direct contact with flames unlike a traditional barbecue. You will be preserved from the toxic fumes that the horizontal type emits when the fat falls on the charcoal.

The Vertical Grill not only keeps all the juices but reveals the full flavor of your food.
The SPIT ROAST BBQ has been specially designed to enable the use of either wood or coconut charcoal. As it is made of stainless steel, there will be no rust, no flaking away of an enamel coating; It is easy to clean and keep in top condition over the years.

With our SPIT ROAST rotisserie you will no longer hesitate to organize barbecues parties, cooking will be a pleasure !